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●Rainbow Six Siege: Brazil official recharge, 100% Safe,professional R6 items Online store. 
1. Please Provide Us Your Uplay Account Information: (The Uplay Account Should A Be Email Address) We Will Deliver The R6 Credits To Your Account. 
2. Please turn off the Google Authenticator and 2-step verification to help us process your order successfully.
If you were kicked off from the game while online, do not login back immediately and please wait 10 minutes to re-login.  We will note your order as complete if you keep kicking us off while we working on your order! Please be careful!
3. Please make sure you didn't purchase anything from Ubisoft store during last 10 Days( Even click on any in-game purchase )

4. Delivery Time: 5 Minute(s) - 6 Hours Enjoy The Game!
5. If You Don't Receive Credits But The Order Status Shows Completed, Please Contact Our Online Support Directly To Solve The Problem!
IMPORTANT NOTICE:  You can only purchase 30 Outbreak Packs every week. If over 30 packs, the recharge won't be processed until it passed one week.
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